Thesis Boot Camp: The view from ‘the other side’

This past week I had the privilege to help facilitate the first 'solo' Thesis Boot Camp (TBC) event on campus. For those of you who don't know, it's essentially 2 ½ days of no-holds-barred, intensive writing event intended for final-stage PhD students to get as many words down on paper as possible. Last year we had the brilliant Dr Peta … Continue reading Thesis Boot Camp: The view from ‘the other side’

Thesis corrections submitted (whew)

I had my viva several weeks ago but since then it's been full steam ahead! I was so focussed on preparing for my viva that I put off preparing for my lectures until the weekend before teaching started. Basically, I've been on catch up mode ever since! This post is a short one on my experiences … Continue reading Thesis corrections submitted (whew)

Viva preparation underway

This month it's my turn in the viva spotlight. In Nov and Dec was a unusually busy season for vivas taking place with fellow PhD students from my year. Now, it's my turn. Next Tuesday, 20th January will be my day of reckoning. In many ways I've been fortunate to be one of the ones to … Continue reading Viva preparation underway