Run 4 and 5 of #MyMarathon 2017

The majority of my running posts do seem like I'm whinging a lot, but the reality is that I honestly like running. It's become a habit I look forward to, and the kind of "me time" that helps me feel more at ease with the day ahead. Run 4 should be titled "Holiday hill running … Continue reading Run 4 and 5 of #MyMarathon 2017

Run 3 of #MyMarathon 2017

RUN THREE: I usually look forward to the weekend long run but for this run I was really struggling to get out the door. I usually do the 10 minute test, which is essentially just giving it a go and running for at least 10 minutes. At the end of this time, if for whatever reason I'm … Continue reading Run 3 of #MyMarathon 2017