Thesis Boot Camp: The view from ‘the other side’

This past week I had the privilege to help facilitate the first 'solo' Thesis Boot Camp (TBC) event on campus. For those of you who don't know, it's essentially 2 ½ days of no-holds-barred, intensive writing event intended for final-stage PhD students to get as many words down on paper as possible. Last year we had the brilliant Dr Peta … Continue reading Thesis Boot Camp: The view from ‘the other side’

The anti-climax of submitting “thesis_FINAL.pdf”

And so, the last leg of my PhD experiences came down to this: Thesis correction list received from external examiners- read. Thesis edited as per corrections listed - done. Corrections sent to external examiners for approval - yes.  Corrections approved by external examiners - yes. Final check of thesis for other typos etc. - done. Final … Continue reading The anti-climax of submitting “thesis_FINAL.pdf”

Thesis corrections submitted (whew)

I had my viva several weeks ago but since then it's been full steam ahead! I was so focussed on preparing for my viva that I put off preparing for my lectures until the weekend before teaching started. Basically, I've been on catch up mode ever since! This post is a short one on my experiences … Continue reading Thesis corrections submitted (whew)