Crossing the finish line: I graduated!

Nothing says doctorate like a medieval robe and a Tudor bonnet! These last few weeks have been incredible, with new job, parents visiting from Canada, and graduating from my PhD programme! Not all at once mind you (but VERY nearly, more on that later). It's been quiet on my blog these last few weeks but … Continue reading Crossing the finish line: I graduated!

The anti-climax of submitting “thesis_FINAL.pdf”

And so, the last leg of my PhD experiences came down to this: Thesis correction list received from external examiners- read. Thesis edited as per corrections listed - done. Corrections sent to external examiners for approval - yes.  Corrections approved by external examiners - yes. Final check of thesis for other typos etc. - done. Final … Continue reading The anti-climax of submitting “thesis_FINAL.pdf”

Guest blog post on STEPS

This week's blog post is published on STEPS, a University of Manchester PGR blog. In this blog post I discuss the questions asked during my viva which may be of interest to those looking for more examples of viva questions. Please click on this link to read my blog post: Image by rahego via Flickr (CC BY … Continue reading Guest blog post on STEPS