Run 4 and 5 of #MyMarathon 2017

The majority of my running posts do seem like I’m whinging a lot, but the reality is that I honestly like running. It’s become a habit I look forward to, and the kind of “me time” that helps me feel more at ease with the day ahead.

Run 4 should be titled “Holiday hill running hell” but actually, the hills weren’t the worst of it. Hill running is actually fun, in small doses, and good for building leg strength. I was in Brighton this past week and wow, have they got hills. Most of my running happens in Manchester where I live, and it’s fla-aaat road running, so hill training was a nice change. No, the worst bit of this run was that I got lost! Did 20 mins of hard core hill drills and was ready to call it a day. So off I went, stubbornly not checking my GPS because I know how to get back to the flat using my sense of direction. Yep. About 20 minutes later wandering up and down more hills I managed to find my way back to the flat but wow was I well annoyed at myself. No post-run chill for me this time. 5km in 40 mins (includes the long way back because HILLS).

Summer running means shorts and hats, and forehead lines…

Run 5 was back to regular flat road running in Manchester with an uneventful and easy 5km in 32 mins, with post-run extra chill thrown in.

This week is the last training week leading up to the Great Manchester 10km this Sunday. So, with that in mind I got 10 days to reach 42km for #mymarathon and over half way there!

I’m running on behalf of The British Heart Foundation this year. Please considering making a donation on my fundraising page!

Run 3 of #MyMarathon 2017

RUN THREE: I usually look forward to the weekend long run but for this run I was really struggling to get out the door. I usually do the 10 minute test, which is essentially just giving it a go and running for at least 10 minutes. At the end of this time, if for whatever reason I’m not getting into my run, I stop and go home. This 10 minute rule helps me less likely to miss a run. Also, I know that all I’ve got to do is run for 10 minutes and that is small enough goal to deal with in the early hours of the morning. Usually after 10 minutes my morning grump disappears, my muscles relax, and I find my stride.

Weekend long runs are a bit of a different mindset. I either aim for a particular distance or a set duration of time for a long run. So the 10 minute rule helps me get out the door but staying motivated to meet my distance or time goal takes a bit more digging around for the motivation fairy. For my long runs I sometimes listen to music to keep my going and other times I listen to Zombies, run! storyline to keep me engaged (more on this app later). So this run was a struggle to get out and stay out, but it’s done! 8.25km in 49:30 minutes.

Thanks for reading my update! Please consider donating to my fundraising page for The British Heart Foundation #MyMarathon campaign where I plan to run a full marathon over the month of May!

Run 1 and 2 of #MyMarathon 2017

Post running face for RUN ONE

RUN ONE: Bank holiday Mondays are all the more brilliant when it starts on the first of the month. There’s something about starting the month on a Monday that seems more motivating. Yep, out and about on a early-for-bank-holiday morning run. I’ve been running throughout April and my hip flexors are starting to complain. Essentially my hip muscles are feeling a bit stiff so kept it slow today! 7.65km in 47.19!



RUN TWO: stretching selfie

RUN TWO: Mid-week runs can be rough, but having sunshine certainly helps with the motivation. Stiff hips to start and end this run (BOO) but was good to get out and about. 5.05km in 31.10.




Generally I try to run 3 times a week – 2 weekday runs and one long run on the weekend. I’ve managed to develop a regular running schedule these past few weeks, coinciding with earlier sunrises! My running regime really starts when it’s light enough to for me to feel safe running alone in the early hours of the morning. I live in the city centre so most of my running is on the road. I prefer to run in daylight because it’s easier for cars to see me. Also daylight makes it easier for me to relax into my run.