One of the things I learned while writing my PhD was how important it was to keep my body healthy. That meant eating right, getting enough sleep and moving around. Now that I’ve submitted my thesis this “project” of staying healthy is an ongoing challenge.

Below are my blog posts related to this project.  Click on the links for more info.

Re-learning how to run and teach - I’m about to start Week 3 of teaching and, if I’m honest, it’s been a painful learning curve. It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to teach, but I have forgotten how heavy the work load was. This semester I’m teaching five different classes and it is a struggle to keep on top of the planning […]
Running to face down fear: Runs #6-8 and the Greater Manchester Run 2017 - My city is not the same, at all, and I'm trying to process it in the best way I can, by running.
Run 4 and 5 of #MyMarathon 2017 - The majority of my running posts do seem like I’m whinging a lot, but the reality is that I honestly like running. It’s become a habit I look forward to, and the kind of “me time” that helps me feel more at ease with the day ahead. Run 4 should be titled “Holiday hill running […]
Run 3 of #MyMarathon 2017 - RUN THREE: I usually look forward to the weekend long run but for this run I was really struggling to get out the door. I usually do the 10 minute test, which is essentially just giving it a go and running for at least 10 minutes. At the end of this time, if for whatever reason I’m […]
Run 1 and 2 of #MyMarathon 2017 - RUN ONE: Bank holiday Mondays are all the more brilliant when it starts on the first of the month. There’s something about starting the month on a Monday that seems more motivating. Yep, out and about on a early-for-bank-holiday morning run. I’ve been running throughout April and my hip flexors are starting to complain. Essentially my hip […]
#MyMarathon 2017 - So here I am ready to run MyMarathon – AGAIN! For those of you who are new to #mymarathon, it’s a running event organised by the British Heart Foundation to raise funds for their work. Participants aim to run 26.2 miles / 42.195 km during the month of May. I ran my first marathon in 5 hours […]
First winter race was cold (duh) - Manchester (UK) has a special kind of winter. It arrives early in June for a day or so, realises it’s early, then comes back around November and stays until March. It starts to think about leaving April-May and sometimes actually leaves between June-September to make room for Spring / Summer, only to take turns arriving/leaving/arriving […]
Running alone and facing down the dark morning shadows (real and imagined) - I prefer to run in the morning. Not early morning, but usually when there’s light out. While I much prefer the temperatures to autumn and winter, I prefer the light in an early spring or summer morning, but running in the dark during winter? Nope. And yet, here I was, on a cold and blustery […]
Marathon running and writing a thesis: Same kinda hell - As you might of noticed on the right-hand side of my website, there are a few pictures of me and my running adventures. I completed the Greater Manchester Marathon (#runasicsmcr) last April 2015. I decided to sign up to this race last summer, around the time I was finishing my thesis. I suppose making decisions in a […]
My inner monologue during my first marathon run - It’s been a few days since I completed the Greater Manchester Marathon (#runasicsmcr) and I’m still sort of processing the whole experience – well that and my body is still recovering!  I’ll post a longer reflection in a few days, but in the meantime, here is what was going on in my head while I […]