Run 4 and 5 of #MyMarathon 2017

The majority of my running posts do seem like I'm whinging a lot, but the reality is that I honestly like running. It's become a habit I look forward to, and the kind of "me time" that helps me feel more at ease with the day ahead. Run 4 should be titled "Holiday hill running … Continue reading Run 4 and 5 of #MyMarathon 2017

Run 3 of #MyMarathon 2017

RUN THREE: I usually look forward to the weekend long run but for this run I was really¬†struggling to get out the door. I usually do the 10 minute test, which is essentially just giving it a go and running for at least 10 minutes. At the end of this time, if¬†for whatever reason I'm … Continue reading Run 3 of #MyMarathon 2017

Booklist 2017

For 2017 I'd like to read more widely, less academic text and more, well, of everything else. Here's my list so far, in no particular order. Recommendations welcome! Books in Progress On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft - Steven King (in progress) Ready Player One - Ernest Cline (in progress) The Sorcerer to the … Continue reading Booklist 2017