Day 14/25 #adventrunning update: I is infected

Yep. That’s it for me for the next few days. Running with a head cold on days 7-10 was manageable. Day 11 was when the sore throat really hit so took a rest day. Thought everything was clearing up when I was out day 12 and 13.

NOPE.  Woke up this morning coughing up ick. A little later fever hit with all the aches and pains that accompany it. So am taking another rest day because I feel like mouldy molasses.

Seems that running 10 days in a row is my current limit. I’m ok with that because it’s good to know. I’m not the type of run everyday or think it’s a good idea for someone at my level of fitness. I just thought #adventrunning was an interesting fitness challenge to do.

Anyhow I’m travelling in 2 days to France for a much needed holiday and am desperately trying to get over this cold ASAP! Still planning to keep running while on holiday, but will need to ease up on heading out everyday until I’m over this cold. There’s nothing worse than being ill during Christmas!

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#AdventRunning : 25 runs in 25 days (?!)

This year I’ve decided to sign up to #adventrunning which is essentially like an advent calendar – just in addition to the mini-treats the idea is to run for 30 minutes, everyday for 25 days, from the 1st to the 25th of December. For more info click here: or read up on the Guardian’s take on the event HERE which was how I found out about it.

So what on earth was I thinking when signing up to #AdventRunning this year?

“It’s prep for the marathon next year.”

This was the main reason for joining #AdventRunning this year. I’ve signed up for the ASICS Greater Manchester marathon which will be my first marathon ever! Starting from 0 and building up to 26.2 miles seemed daunting, so I figured having a good level of fitness come the new year would make training for this event a little easier. At least, that’s the idea.

“I’ll be drinking and eating more this Christmas.”

It’s Christmas. That means food and booze. Some people #runforsprouts but personally I’ll #runforbooze and #runforchocolate because that what I’ll be consuming the most this holiday season.

“It’ll get me out of the house.”

As a part-time lecturer when I’m not teaching I’m found at a desk, sitting for a good part of the day. Getting out for 30 minutes of fresh air is appealing.

“It’ll be a fun challenge!”

The words “challenge” and “fun” aren’t normally used in the same sentence. Challenges are associated with words such as “hard-work”, “suffering”, “endure” where fun is just the opposite. To be honest, there are mornings where I would rather stay in bed because who the hell wants to go outside just to run? Answer: this fool, because, for me, running is a way of sorting myself out for the day, which makes it fun (sometimes).

If you’re participating this year, please say hello!

(Image is my own, licensed by CC by NC-SA)

#AcWriMo 2014 Review: Post-thesis writing is hard (duh)

November has gone by in a blur! The “what just happened” kind of blur. Now that the dust has settled I’d like to share some of my thoughts on participating in #AcWriMo this year:

  • This year was by far the most difficult year in terms of getting words down on paper because I didn’t “have to” work on my thesis. The previous two years I was under pressure to get my thesis written. Now that I’ve submitted it, I feel less pressured to write.
  • The pressure to write is different post-thesis. I have more ‘head space’ to explore my research area. With this freedom comes decisions, which isn’t always easy when deciding the next direction to take.
  • Mostly, I think I was tired. I didn’t have any down time after I submitted my thesis and just went straight into teaching new courses. Despite having a detailed outline and a fairly structured writing schedule it was not easy to get my thoughts on paper.
  • It is still motivating to read about other people’s achievements on Twitter. Writing is still largely an isolating task, even post-thesis, so keeping connected is important, regardless if it’s on Twitter or via some other means.

This year I did not meet my goal of writing a whole first draft of my book chapter and I’m actually ok with this. I did, however, write 3000+ words that made a for an overly(?) detailed outline of the chapter which I’ve submitted to the editors. I’ve made progress and done what I could this year. I’ve been struggling to write on topics that are related-yet-separate to the work I’ve done for my thesis, and having feedback at this point in the writing process is needed. In all, #AcWriMo this year was a struggle, and yet again I learned a lot about myself as a writer.

How was #AcWriMo for you? Please share your thoughts!

(image by wax115 via MorgueFile)