Hand made anxiety

Well the title is a bit misleading. I am using my hands to make things, just not 'making anxiety'. I suppose 'the act of making stuff by hand is my current way of dealing with anxiety' isn't that snappy a title, but it is the focus of this post. I learned to knit this year. … Continue reading Hand made anxiety

New bits and pieces

I've had this blog on 'pause' since 2017 and today is the first time I've actually felt like writing an update. So, hello there. It's been a while. There's nothing like the first of the month to start afresh. Even if it is a Friday. Also, it's #NaWriMo which is always a good time to … Continue reading New bits and pieces

PhD Completion Experiences

This is an archive of some of my more popular posts about PhD experiences. If you're currently on a PhD programme I hope you find something useful to take away from my experiences. Thesis writing: a multi-taskers nightmare Isolation activities: thesis writing and running Day 68: Trying out 2 different writing activities Post-submission thoughts 1: … Continue reading PhD Completion Experiences