Book Chapter

Javier, E. (2016). Almost native-speakers: the experiences of visible ethnic-minority, native-English speaking teachers. In LETs and NESTs: Voices, Views and Vignettes by Copland, F., Garton, S., and Mann, S. (eds.). London: British Council, pp. 253 – 267.

Javier, E. (2010). ‘Foreign-ness’, Race and the Native Speaker. In D. Nunan, D. and J. Choi (eds.), Language and culture: Reflective narratives and the emergence of identity. Routledge. pp. 97 – 102.

Invited Speaker 

Northern Association of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. “If you heard me speak, I’d be you’d think I was white” – Problematising Teacher Identity in TESOL. University of Salford. 30th October 2012

Conference papers

Javier, E. (2013). ‘Real’Native Speakers: Visible ethnic minority, native English speaking teachers.  Paper presented at TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo, 20-23 March 2013, Dallas, Texas, USA.

(My reflections on this event can be found on The Language Teacher Education Doctoral Community Blog at The University of Manchester)

Javier, E. (2012). You, Me and Us: Researching the racial and linguistic aspects of visible ethnic minority, native speaker teacher identities in TESOL.  Paper presented at “Constructing Narratives of Continuity and Change” hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University, 12 May 2012, Canterbury, UK.

(My reflections on this event can be found HERE.)

Constructing Narratives of Continuity and Change Conference 2012

Javier, E. (2011). Researcher positionality: The effect of revealing my story to my participants in a narrative based study. Paper presented at 7th Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, 18 – 21 May 2011, Urbana-Champagne, Illinois, USA.

Javier, E. (2010). Finding one’s own voice – Balancing the views of the researcher within narrative inquiry when exploring race and teacher identity in an EFL context. Paper presented at “Narrative Matters 2010 – Exploring the narrative landscape: Issues, investigations, and interventions” hosted by the CIRN in Fredericton, 20 – 22 May 2010, New Brunswick, Canada.

(My reflections on this event are found HERE on The Language Teacher Education Blog.)