7 days into 2021

It’s a new year and already I feel the need to lie down and throw the covers over my head. Like many of my family and friends, this mixture of feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty, anxiety about the future, and disappointment in how selfish society is – it’s a bit much. I’m not sure what I want to express in this blog. What I do feel is I hope it’s a space I can use that isn’t tied to my professional life. Less promo about work and more space for me. This pandemic has helped me realise how much of my life is centred around work, how much energy I put into it, and how much I’ve neglected my own mental and physical health. So this space is now less about the academic side of me and more, well , the other parts that I don’t actually get to put into words. I suppose this is my 2021 resolution. Amidst all this chaos I’d like to find my centre through some writing. So here we go.

There’s been a lot in the news and I’m not going to focus on that today. My intention, instead, is looking at what I’m able to control in my life, as of this moment. For example, today I’ve started the Quiet Journal by Suan Cain. I’m a fan of her book, Quiet, that focuses on introversion and what that means. This new book is a kind of guide, I think, for readers to apply the concepts and ideas discussed in Quiet. Today I started on the journal prompts and gave myself some time to think and write about things that weren’t work related. And that time felt well spent. I’m not sure where I’ll be going with this guide but my overall intention is to devote more time and energy on my life outside of work, and this is one choice I made for myself today.

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