From knitting to sewing. Yep, it’s like that in my world. Spent this Sunday afternoon testing out this new pattern for a drawstring bag. Well, making a drawstring bag is new to me, and I wanted to do a ‘test run’ on some cheap fabric scraps I had lying around instead of botching up the pattern with good fabric.

Yep, learned(-ing) the hard way to understand patterns. Made some fab jogging trousers and pyjama bottoms for myself. Tried adapting the same pattern for my partner and…well, considering he’s about nearly a foot taller than me you can imagine how badly that project went. Those of you who’ve sewn with jersey fabric know the hell I’m talking about.

Anyhow, yesterday I had a look at my knitting pile and thought I needed somewhere to store all this stuff. That led to heading out for my first ever visit to this shop called ‘Hobbycraft’. A kind of superstore for crafts. Usually I buy my supplies online but today was a day to try out a few new things.

Yet again I found myself with the urge to finish this bag in one day. I didn’t find this project as relaxing as knitting, mostly because I was set on finishing the bag in one afternoon because, in my head, if I can finish it, I can understand the pattern. In some ways this is true. Just instead of using a regular sewing machine, like normal people, I decided to start with my overlocker (‘serger’ to North Americans) then switch to my sewing machine in the end. Maybe I should just start with following the pattern properly before making adaptations to the process.

I just really, really love my overlocker! The end result were still pretty good, and more importantly it fits one of my knitting projects!

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