Run 4 and 5 of #MyMarathon 2017

The majority of my running posts do seem like I’m whinging a lot, but the reality is that I honestly like running. It’s become a habit I look forward to, and the kind of “me time” that helps me feel more at ease with the day ahead.

Run 4 should be titled “Holiday hill running hell” but actually, the hills weren’t the worst of it. Hill running is actually fun, in small doses, and good for building leg strength. I was in Brighton this past week and wow, have they got hills. Most of my running happens in Manchester where I live, and it’s fla-aaat road running, so hill training was a nice change. No, the worst bit of this run was that I got lost! Did 20 mins of hard core hill drills and was ready to call it a day. So off I went, stubbornly not checking my GPS because I know how to get back to the flat using my sense of direction. Yep. About 20 minutes later wandering up and down more hills I managed to find my way back to the flat but wow was I well annoyed at myself. No post-run chill for me this time. 5km in 40 mins (includes the long way back because HILLS).

Summer running means shorts and hats, and forehead lines…

Run 5 was back to regular flat road running in Manchester with an uneventful and easy 5km in 32 mins, with post-run extra chill thrown in.

This week is the last training week leading up to the Great Manchester 10km this Sunday. So, with that in mind I got 10 days to reach 42km for #mymarathon and over half way there!

I’m running on behalf of The British Heart Foundation this year. Please considering making a donation on my fundraising page!

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