Run 1 and 2 of #MyMarathon 2017

Post running face for RUN ONE

RUN ONE: Bank holiday Mondays are all the more brilliant when it starts on the first of the month. There’s something about starting the month on a Monday that seems more motivating. Yep, out and about on a early-for-bank-holiday morning run. I’ve been running throughout April and my hip flexors are starting to complain. Essentially my hip muscles are feeling a bit stiff so kept it slow today! 7.65km in 47.19!



RUN TWO: stretching selfie

RUN TWO: Mid-week runs can be rough, but having sunshine certainly helps with the motivation. Stiff hips to start and end this run (BOO) but was good to get out and about. 5.05km in 31.10.




Generally I try to run 3 times a week – 2 weekday runs and one long run on the weekend. I’ve managed to develop a regular running schedule these past few weeks, coinciding with earlier sunrises! My running regime really starts when it’s light enough to for me to feel safe running alone in the early hours of the morning. I live in the city centre so most of my running is on the road. I prefer to run in daylight because it’s easier for cars to see me. Also daylight makes it easier for me to relax into my run.

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