This is an archived list of the more popular posts about my viva experiences. They present my reflections at the time I was experiencing my viva (2015). If you’re currently on a PhD programme I hope you find something useful to take away from my experiences.

I had my PhD viva, and I enjoyed it. There, I said it.

Viva questions: Examples from my personal experience

To watch someone else’s viva

My interview on Viva Survivors with Dr Nathan Ryder

Other Viva Resource I found useful:

Viva Survivor Podcast Series with Dr Nathan Ryder – This is a massive archive of real-life doctoral students sharing their viva experiences.

Viva Cards¬†– I wish I had these to prep for my viva. Instead, I use them in workshops and they are a fantastic resource. Also, post-viva, they’re great to use with final year undergrads and master’s students.

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