Running out of steam during your PhD is ok!

This post from the fantastic PhD Life Blog at Warwick University really resonated with me. Even in my post-PhD state I remember experiencing every single issue mentioned in this post, sometimes several times or even all at once.

The thing I remember during these hard times was that I didn’t think I could really admit that I wasn’t doing well. I wish someone had told me that it was totally OK to put my hand up and say “Nope, I’m not well and I need help”.

If you’re struggling to keep motivated during your PhD – that’s normal and it happens to everyone! Don’t wait to ask for help. The sooner rather than later will help your progress in the long run.

The following post is re-blogged from PhD Life Blog

Yes, it is hard to deal with lack of motivation. You might feel this only goes to prove you are not cut out for PhD, you might feel you arere letting down your supervisors, your funders, yourself …. But try to stop yourself there. Motivation is not fixed and it is irrational to expect you […]

via Has anyone seen my motivation? — PhD Life

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