End of semester countdown

Yes it has been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. I suppose I’ve found it hard to draw the line between writing for work and writing my myself. This blog, in the past, has been a bit of both because it was created during my PhD. Now that I’ve got “Dr” as a prefix (yay) I’m still trying to find my feet with what to do with this blog.

new-year-aheadSo for now, I’ll share a little about where I’m at at this moment – Monday afternoon, just after lunch, at my desk, nearing the end of the first semester. To be honest I’m tired and literally counting down the days until Christmas break. It’s certainly a different kind of tired to “Phd-tired”. I suppose with everything that has happened this year with Brexit and the US Elections there’s an added sense of anxiety for the future that mixed in. I’m looking forward to seeing the back of 2016, but very cautious about feeling optimistic for 2017. New year with the possibility of new changes doesn’t really feel like it’s a good thing, and I’m tired to feeling tired.

So there you have it, my at the moment end-of-the-semester Monday musings. With a bit of luck next week should feel a little lighter!

Image New Year sign, courtesy of BigStockPhoto.com

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