I’ve been quiet these last few weeks, mostly concentrating on completing all the other academic related bits and bobs I’ve been juggling, like teaching, tutorials and the post-PhD job hunt. Oh, and running. A lot.

So here I am, the day before the Greater Manchester Marathon (#runasicsmcr) feeling a little jittery. I think the change in weather has really thrown me off proper. I’ve been training in mostly cold weather conditions (between -4C and 10C in the wind and rain) then suddenly there sun! Lots of it. Argh.

Attempting to control my rising sense of panic I dug through my closet and started trying on running clothes to see what warm weather alternative I could muster. Then I reminded myself of the old running rule: “nothing new on race day” which helped bring back my sanity.

So I’m sticking with my original plan (see photo, just missing my watch), and with a little luck the weather will stay cloudy, cool and dry tomorrow!

My marathon running 'plan'
My marathon running ‘plan’

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