Yep. That’s it for me for the next few days. Running with a head cold on days 7-10 was manageable. Day 11 was when the sore throat really hit so took a rest day. Thought everything was clearing up when I was out day 12 and 13.

NOPE.  Woke up this morning coughing up ick. A little later fever hit with all the aches and pains that accompany it. So am taking another rest day because I feel like mouldy molasses.

Seems that running 10 days in a row is my current limit. I’m ok with that because it’s good to know. I’m not the type of run everyday or think it’s a good idea for someone at my level of fitness. I just thought #adventrunning was an interesting fitness challenge to do.

Anyhow I’m travelling in 2 days to France for a much needed holiday and am desperately trying to get over this cold ASAP! Still planning to keep running while on holiday, but will need to ease up on heading out everyday until I’m over this cold. There’s nothing worse than being ill during Christmas!

(Check out “My #adventrunning 2014” photo collage in the sidebar!)

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