This year I’ve decided to sign up to #adventrunning which is essentially like an advent calendar – just in addition to the mini-treats the idea is to run for 30 minutes, everyday for 25 days, from the 1st to the 25th of December. For more info click here: or read up on the Guardian’s take on the event HERE which was how I found out about it.

So what on earth was I thinking when signing up to #AdventRunning this year?

“It’s prep for the marathon next year.”

This was the main reason for joining #AdventRunning this year. I’ve signed up for the ASICS Greater Manchester marathon which will be my first marathon ever! Starting from 0 and building up to 26.2 miles seemed daunting, so I figured having a good level of fitness come the new year would make training for this event a little easier. At least, that’s the idea.

“I’ll be drinking and eating more this Christmas.”

It’s Christmas. That means food and booze. Some people #runforsprouts but personally I’ll #runforbooze and #runforchocolate because that what I’ll be consuming the most this holiday season.

“It’ll get me out of the house.”

As a part-time lecturer when I’m not teaching I’m found at a desk, sitting for a good part of the day. Getting out for 30 minutes of fresh air is appealing.

“It’ll be a fun challenge!”

The words “challenge” and “fun” aren’t normally used in the same sentence. Challenges are associated with words such as “hard-work”, “suffering”, “endure” where fun is just the opposite. To be honest, there are mornings where I would rather stay in bed because who the hell wants to go outside just to run? Answer: this fool, because, for me, running is a way of sorting myself out for the day, which makes it fun (sometimes).

If you’re participating this year, please say hello!

(Image is my own, licensed by CC by NC-SA)

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