I took a hiatus from blogging this summer to survive focus on writing and editing the final draft of my thesis. It was not a happy time and suffice to say, was hell. I’ll write more on my experiences during the final few weeks to the day of reckoning submission date but for now, I just wanted to share this photo:

Thesis. Submitted. Yeah.

The beast in all its glory.
The beast in all its glory.









Still got the viva to do, but for now, I’m glad this ^^ is finally done.  Two weeks later and the reality is just beginning to sink in. That or I’ve catching up with my sleep.

(Image my own, totally. Licensed CC BY-NC-ND)

11 thoughts on “Thesis = D.O.N.E

    1. Thanks for the well wishes! It’s a little weird finishing, a relief for sure, but the reality hasn’t really sunk in properly I think. I’m still doing AcWriMo this year. Seems that there’s always some kind of writing to be done, just this time, no thesis! How about you? Doing AcWriMo too?

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      1. Yes! I came across the announcement and think it will be great to take part on it again this year. I have a couple of papers to finish by December, when my guest researcher contract finishes, and AcWriMo might help! Glad to hear you are not “taking a break” as most people do… I am not alone after all! =)


    1. Thanks! To be honest it didn’t feel “real” for about 2-3 weeks. It took nearly a month to realise that I’ve actually submitted a PhD thesis. Just got the viva left, which will be later this month 🙂


      1. It’s like realising you have time to do things! Just where to start 😉


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