Courtesy of Hythe Eye on Flickr (Creative Commons)Have a read of my guest blog post “Final Year Writing Gymnastics” at PhD Life Blog (@ResearchEx) at The University of Warwick, with Tomi Oladepo (@Tomi_ola) as their current editor.

Check it out by clicking this link:

2 thoughts on “My guest blog post on “PhD Life Blog” (University of Warwick)

  1. As interesting and relevant as it was to my dissertation now, the most surprising thing for me was to learn that you are an avid gamer. Don’t mean to distract you from your research, but I can’t but ask – what are you playing?=)

    I am a gamer myself and like to kill a few people (online!) every evening if time allows.=)


    1. Sometimes I think I come across as too serious an individual to be a gamer where I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive. One can be serious about lots of things, gaming included. I’m a PC gamer and am really into FPS games. My favourites at the moment are Borderlands 2 (LOVE), Metro (both 2033 and Last Light). I’ve recently joined Elder Scrolls Online to experience what it’s like to play an MMO. I’m not a big fan of PvP FPS like CoD since you can get a lot of stupid people and hackers rather than people who just want to play. Others like the Walking Dead series and Portal 2 type of ‘thinking’ games are also ones I play. For every big name game I try to by an indie game. I suppose it’s my way to trying to give new developers a chance I find gaming more relaxing than TV or films really because I end up analysing the story rather than enjoying it.


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