Reflections on teaching in higher education

For the most part, the majority of my blog posts focus on the struggles I face when writing my thesis. However, this is not the only task that doctoral level students undertake. Yes, writing a thesis is THE product that one produces during their studies, but I don’t think that doing a PhD should only be about the thesis. There are opportunities to engage within and outside the doctoral research community. For me, this involved gaining teaching experience at university level.

William Hogarth's 1736 engraving, "Scholars at a Lecture" from Wikipedia
William Hogarth’s 1736 engraving, “Scholars at a Lecture” from Wikipedia

My undergraduate degree majored in elementary (primary) level education which provided a fantastic grounding to my subsequent career as an English language teacher.  The move from elementary level teaching to English language teaching is not direct but my initial TESOL certificate introduced me to a different educational field of English language teaching.  It wasn’t the easiest of transitions because at the time I was used to teaching children and the majority of my students were adult learners but over time I’ve managed to adapt and become a learner myself.n other words, it took me a while to understand that the crux of improving upon my teaching practice was to be a learner. I spent a lot of time trying out different activities to get my students to respond differently where, in fact, it was me that needed to change. In other words, it took me a while to understand that the crux of improving upon my teaching practice was to be a learner.

It wasn’t until three year ago that I found myself at a similar crossroads when I taught my first undergraduate and postgraduate level classes. The move from English language teaching to lecturing at university level is certainly not direct either but my previous teaching experienced helped prepare me to become better at adapting my own professional practice. Still, in many ways I feel like I’m still getting used to teaching in a HE setting.

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