Want to write? Join #AcWriMo 2013

I’ve volunteered to be an AcWriMoAmbassador this year because I had such a great experience last time in terms of actually writing my thesis. #AcWriMo is short for “Academic Writing Month” where essentially you set a goal that you want to achieve in one month, declare it publicly, and get on working towards your goal. My goal last year was to complete the first full draft of my literature review which, to my surprise, I actually managed to do.  I wrote about my experiences at the halfway mark (click HERE to read this post) and at the end, reflecting on what AcWriMo actually achieved (click HERE for that post).

Dr. Charlotte Frost, who founded AcWriMo, has posted more detailed information about this year’s the event (click HERE) which I encourage anyone remotely interested to read through! I remember feeling reluctant to join last year, thinking I wouldn’t have the time, until I realised that, actually, being part of this will actually help me find more time to work on my thesis!

On that note, I’m still deciding on this year’s goal.  Having a tangible focus helped me to stay determined to meet my goal, so I’m trying to keep it manageable, yet, challenging since I’m aiming for submission (soon…).  More on that later.  For now, do join me and a ton of other academic writers out there this coming November!


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