New semester musings

A new university year is about to start here in the UK and it’s exciting.  This week has felt like a steady march in terms of keeping up with the different ‘to do’ lists. I’m fortunate to be teaching this year in a similar capacity. Teaching regularly is something that I’ve missed doing during my studies, so when I do get the opportunity to teach, I really look forward to it.

Image via week I had the opportunity to meet a few of the new PhDers during induction week at my university. Everyone is in a positive mood and the momentum to move forward is infectious.  As the ‘old hat’, so to speak, I get a weird deja vu of my undergraduate days, being a freshman (first year) and meeting these seniors (final year) undergrads. I remember thinking “Wow, they made it all the way to the end” and feeling more than a little intimidated. I felt something similar when I started my PhD three years ago, a combination of “they made it to their final year” with a little bit of “whoa.”

Now that I’m on the other side I smile a little at my reaction back then because had I known what it took to make it to this point I would’ve gone “S@*T!” I think I had underestimated the amount of work/time/blood energy needed and so I didn’t think I was nearly as prepared as I would have liked. Such is life, and my experiences are what they are. In all honestly, I don’t think you can be fully prepared to undertake doctoral studies, it is something that needs to be experienced.

I’m looking forward to this semester because it’s set to be my last as a full-time student. The plan *ahem* is to submit this thesis before the Christmas break so I’m aiming for a full draft (in the broadest sense) by the end of this month and work on the the final leg of editing/polishing/rewriting during the rest of the semester.  I really feel like my thesis is coming together and things are starting to make sense! As strange as that sounds, I’m enjoying this phase of my PhD. I hope I can still say that in a few months time!

One thought on “New semester musings

  1. Sound wonderful! I’m supposed to teach starting this week too but there’s some changes to the semester dates so I won’t be teaching until for another month. I can feel your excitement for teaching in this blog post and it makes me want to teach now too.

    So happy to know you are very near to your finish line and I wish you all the best! Keep up the good feeling 🙂


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