I’ve been busy the last few weeks really ramping up the work I’m doing on this thesis.  Not just writing and getting words down on paper but actually…thinking. It sounds a bit weird, but it’s really the only way I can explain how, conceptually, things are coming together in ways that enables me to articulate it on the page.  It’s been gaining pace yet, I often ask myself if what I’ve got so far is enough. Then, when those feelings of insecurity start to creep in, I remind myself that I’m running out of time (HELLO!) and I need to get on with my work instead of wallowing in my own emotions. Moments of panic do that do you! 😛

Photo by Leo Reynolds via Flickr http://goo.gl/j6kH5
Courtesy of Leo Reynolds via Flickr http://goo.gl/j6kH5 under CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

And so, here I am, on Day “22” which is technically not really Day “22” since renewing my student visa has thrown a spanner into the schedule BUT, as my supervisors repeatedly mention (with kindness I might add), that this in no way impedes the fact that I need to have a credible draft by September 1st.  This means that the next 7 weeks are now in high gear mode.  I’ll still be counting down the next 22 days as a measure of my progress because, if I didn’t have this visa issue, it would mean that in 22 days I would have had hand in my submission pending form (the form that essentially states that I would have submitted by 1st Sept or else fail).  Basically I have some wiggle room, but not a lot! I still need to have a full draft by September. So here we go. The last leg of this journey.

Deep breaths.

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