End of week ramble: March madness (a.k.a. Is it spring break yet?)

Matrix Wallpaper by Dodopod via deviantART courtesy of Creative Commons License
Some days my data feels like this…*sob*

I’m not sure where February went. I’m sure it happened. My sense of reality has been slightly skewed since embarking on the data analysis process.  Seems that everything I see looks like a code.  Or related to a theme. Or neither, because this is the third time I’m reading the same paragraph.

Yes, it’s that time of year again where I get that “stressed+long list of things to do+boredom+I’d rather be in bed” kind of feeling. I know that the semester break is coming up but it’s not soon enough and I’m annoyed.  As you’ve probably guessed this blog post is very disjointed and, well, sums up what I’m feeling at this point in time.

I guess that’s why I’m looking forward to a change of scene, or country rather.  Next Tuesday I’ll be heading to North America primarily to attend TESOL 2013 International Convention and Expo (#TESOL13) but also to visit my family in Canada for a few days. It’s not really a holiday at all, seeing at this thesis isn’t going to write itself, but more a needed change.  I find that altering my surroundings, even for a short time, really helps keep me focused an motivated.  I’m very much a creature of habit, I plan ahead and like structured schedules, but every now and then I get that feeling of “BAH” and find that working in a coffee shop, or in the library, or the Learning Commons, or another office, gives me that needed kick in order to get back into my thesis.  I’m hoping that a change of country will have a similar effect on my motivation!

What about you?  What do you do to get that extra push? Whatever it is, I hope it’s helping you through the March slog!

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