David Nunan Travel Award Winner 2013

(A similar announcement was posted on the Doctoral Community Blog @ Language Teacher Education – University of Manchester)

I can’t believe it but I actually won this award!  WAA!  It’s for $800 USD to cover conference related costs.  Considering I’m heading overseas next year for TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo 2013 every bit of funding helps.

I was looking for any kind of external conference funding to help me get to TESOL 2013 and, upon a Google search (no really!) I came across the David Nunan Travel Award call for applications .  Now when I first read the webpage it was actually a little out of date and I thought, “Doh. It’s not available anymore!”  BUT then I read a little more carefully and found the 2013 call for applications nestled in among the info.  So it pays to read carefully through a whole post and it also pays to do a Google search for funding opportunities.  I would have never come across this  award otherwise.

Lastly, special thanks to Dr. Richard Fay, my supervisor, for the amazing support, guidance and reference letter that helped me win!

Now I’ve just got to write the paper…

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