30 days of thesis writing (2 week mark): Better focus but less writing!

At the two week mark I’ve barely made a dent in my thesis in terms of actual words. What I have managed to find is a better focus and direction.  I found what I’ve written so far is essentially a bunch of words and ideas with no coherence between them. Sort of like trying to pack your suitcase with everything you think you need for a summer holiday without thinking properly if that parka you’re trying to squeeze in is necessary.  It was frustrating going in circles and trying to write having a rather general direction rather than making my words count.

Good thing I have a supervisor who goes “Whoa! What are you doing?” then proceeds to help me figure out the essentials.  He makes a variety of suggestions then leave the choice to me.  It’s difficult, but in the end helpful since I now have to deliver (i.e. write) based on what I’ve decided to do.  Very wisely he reminded me that something is better than nothing and as my thinking develops further, so will the direction of my thesis.   My opening chapter will probably be the one that gets re-drafted the most in the writing process, so, essentially, I have to get it down and then move on so that I can return to it later.

Date    Words
01-Oct 99
02-Oct 53
03-Oct 131
04-Oct 187
05-Oct 158
06-Oct 0
07-Oct 0
08-Oct 75
09-Oct 214
10-Oct 0
11-Oct 0
12-Oct 185
13-Oct 0
14-Oct 0

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