30 days of thesis writing challenge

Now that the dust of Welcome Week has settled and the term is well underway I am finding myself having to really be disciplined with how I allocated my energy.  I’ve got a bigger teaching load this term which involves preparing lectures.  This type of teaching is quite different to what I’m used to and poses interesting challenges.

So where on earth does my thesis fit into this. Well, it’s there. It’s always there, in tangible parts that I can touch, such as my piles of post-it notes and scratching on paper. It’s also there conceptually, in pieces, some represented by the texts I’ve underlined, or the mind maps on my computer or in my dreams (sadly).  This thesis of mine is beginning  to form a words-on-paper shape, or rather on screen for now.  In order to get from what I call ‘thesis stuff’ to ‘thesis written’ means I have to write.

I’m an exceptionally slow writer. I am not the sort to stay up and pull an all nighter.  I really don’t want to be that person who writes their thesis in 3 months.  It’s simply not me and I kinda like my sanity. I’m a writer that plods along rather than sprints towards a  deadline.  I am that slow.  So this is my 30 day challenge for October, to write everyday and tweet the number of words that I’ve written in total with the goal to have a chapter on paper, in some sort of organised form. For the curious, I’ll be using #ejphdwriting for this challenge.

One thought on “30 days of thesis writing challenge

  1. Saw this via linkedin. Also in same boat, final year in UoM but I am a slow researcher and fast writer, so I will likely lose some of my sanity before I finish.


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