Olympic Gold

Eljee’s notes: From the pen of my friend and fellow conference coordinator Andrew Davies who shares his experience of putting together this year’s #RIManc12 student conference.

Andrew J Davies

This year, as you may well be aware, is the London Olympics 2012. Watching the television this week makes you think of the hard work that these people have put into training and getting themselves ready.

Competing at that level demands great commitment and that is rewarded to some in the form of Gold medals.

My year has been a busy one, in fact it has been very busy year, what with my grand 50th birthday bash to organize, developing a new curriculum for adult numeracy for one of the leading awarding bodies in the UK, and a student conference.

Ah yes the student conference, not a big issue you may think, and when I decided to take on the role of organizing it, it didn’t seem that either, and initial thought was, who could I get to help me, who was, just like me, reliable, trustworthy, hard working and…

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