Update: Week 1 of transcription challenge (spend 15 mins per day for 30 days)

So far, so good.  I managed to only miss one day out of this week, and caught up today by spending around 30 minutes today transcribing.  All in all, I’m slowly but surely making progress and taking down that mountain of recordings.  On average I seem to get through around 5 minutes of audio and type around 850 words (depending on the audio).  Since I’ve managed to finish one full interview I can make a start on stage with this particular case study and begin the process of restorying her narratives.

Just got 7 more to go! *bwah ha ha…heh*

I know that there are researchers who can sit for hours transcribing (an amazing skill).  I just CAN’T.  I don’t have it in me to sit for an hour a day transcribing.  I’ve tried and the most I got through was spending around 5 minutes, then stopping and doing something else.  15 minutes a day, everyday, seems very doable and I felt I’ve made quite a lot of progress in this first week, mainly because I actually got started!  I know personally once I get started I can keep the ball rolling, and gain momentum as needed (i.e. academic presentations!) but, in this instance, I’ve set the bar low so that it’s achievable, everyday!  Week one down, and at least 3 more to go!

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