Seriously, transcribing does my head in.  I am not a fan. Period.  I think I give a long, sideways look at people who claim they love transcribing.  I they’re lying, and they’re actually inwardly shuddering, blocking out the despair, telling themselves it’ll be ok if they do just one…more…minute.

Ok, so it isn’t that bad, but it’s a task that needs to be done.  Honestly, it’s this part of preparing the data that I find the least fun. If it was just a case of listening to the interview recordings then I’d happily do this in a heartbeat.  But to stop, type, rewind, make correction on previous segment, play, listen and read to check corrections are right, stop, play new segment, stop, type (repeat cycle).  I’m willing to do almost anything other than transcribe but sadly, it can come to the point where I can no longer avoid it.

And so, I’ve bit the bullet and decided that for March, I’ll spend at least 15 minutes transcribing interview data, everyday, for 30 days.  In principle, you should only transcribe what you need and not the whole recording but for this study, unfortunately, I need to transcribe most of the interview since the data in these interviews will be used with the written accounts of stage 1 to restory them.  Roughly, I’ve got around 15 hours interview recordings to transcribe, which can be chipped away at, at least 15 minutes at a time. I just have to do it.  And to track my progress I’m going to tweet the number of minutes and words I transcribe everyday.

And so, here it goes for Day One!

4 thoughts on “Spend 15 minutes a day transcribing – for 30 days

  1. If you haven’t done so already, might I recommend investing in a foot-pedal, or perhaps borrowing one. You can’t believe how much easier it makes things.


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