Creating and managing other people’s social networking sites

I work part-time for a lovely musician couple (Ros Hawley and Mark Fisher), and as their PA I’ve been given the task to sort out their Myspace account.

Remember Myspace?  I do, way back before the days of  Facebook / Twitter / Foursquare  / Google+.  As far as I remembered it was an online space where you could post your own music and “like” other people’s music.  Fast forward several years (5 maybe?) and here I find it’s now rebranded my____ and then split into two separate sites – myspace and myspace music.  Right.  And so now I found myself  two issues:  how to sort out Ros and Mark’s old-musician-but-now-a -non-musician-myspace-account and deciding what other social networking websites to use to help them boost their online presence.

The assumption I’ve been working with is that a) social networking tools can help boost an individual or group’s online presence b) social networking tools are essential in order to have an online presence.

And so, I started not with what tools, but with Ros and Mark’s aims as musicians.  They had a lot of ideas to promote their work but weren’t really sure how social networking sites could help.  Based on what they needed right now I decided to address three of their aims a) create an online space where people (fans, musicians, collaborators etc.) could access the music they create as a duo “Deli Babies” b) create individual spaces to present them as individual musicians c) create online spaces where people can access them easily (as a band and as individuals).

With these in mind I decided to focus on the using the “big 3”: Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.  They wanted to keep their Myspace page so I went and updated/edited and revamped their whole look.  And since they’re continuously on the go, I thought using Twitter would be an effective way to communicate to their followers about events and general updates on the different projects they’re involved in.  I then chose to use a  Facebook page as a complementing site to their Myspace music page.  Considering the amount of people on facebook that they know this seemed like a good move.

The good thing about social networking sites are the ways in which they can become interconnected.  A new tweet gets posted on their Facebook wall.  I’m still not quite sold on whether a Myspace  – Facebook page link is needed, so for now, they’re curated separately.

I already look after several social networking sites for the School of Education so I really needed a way to make it easy for me to manage. A person could get lost, annoyed and frustrated at having to update a multitude of different websites.  And so I turned to which is, essentially, a one-stop, summary page that would present each of them individually, yet allow for the viewer to access their different profiles (i.e. Myspace, Twitter and Facebook).

It’s still in that “settling in” stage where I’m waiting for Ros and Mark’s responses to the content and overall feel of their online presence.  It’s one thing to set this up for myself, it’s an entirely different thing to entrust someone else to do it on your behalf.  Fingers crossed, they’ll provide enough feedback for me to make the necessary changes for them to feel that they can own these spaces.

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