Starting the new year by tying up loose ends (a.k.a. picking up where I left off)

2012 is here.  *woo* 11 days in and I’m, again, taking stock of things that have been put into motion, the ones yet to start and the ones that I need to urgently finish.  And not quite in the neat and tidy order that looks oh so good on paper!  January is commonly the time for goal setting and I find myself struggling to balance what I’d like to accomplish this year with what is actually achievable.  I figure if I write them down on paper will make it more real through articulating what it is that I’d like to get done this year.

  • Finish stage 3 of my data generation stages (non- negotiable, time is not on my side anymore)
  • Finish writing draft 1 of my first chapter (with real, proper words ordered in a way that is understandable to someone other than myself).
  • Present at narrative matters 2012 (pending acceptance of paper).
  • Finish writing draft 1 of methodology chapter (again, in some comprehensible form).
  • Study French in France in order to get to a level that I can keep a conversation (pending funds and conference schedules).
  • Finish writing draft 1 of thesis (HMM…)

There are other plans but these are the major ones.  I just looked back over this list and noticed there’s a lot of sentences beginning with the word “finish”, as in complete / get done / end.  It’s intimidating if I think about it, I mean I had particular dates listed beside each point but deleted them because it was, frankly, just too overwhelming to look at.  Having it written down like this is a better motivator for me to kick things up into a higher gear.  And I’m finding as I get back into the research mess that I’ve grown more accustomed to working in a confused state.  The type that’s more “I see a little bit of light over there and I’m not sure how I’ll get there but I’m just going to keep moving!” and less “Why the hell is it so damn dark?!”

So onwards 2012.

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