Researcher experience: Video interviews on Skype

I just finished my first ever recorded video interview using Skype and Call Recorder for Skype software.  It was a really wonderful experience using this medium and it helped to reinforce my preference for seeing the person you’re talking to as a way of generating a better connection with your research participants.

Prior to this our communications were all through email and although I knew that there was a person receiving my emails it that extra human element was missing.  The stories that were shared certainly presented the views and experience of an individual but they really came to life when speaking to the author.

In this particular instance I found myself having to reword my questions because I realised that in their current form they appeared to be a little leading.  I am aware of the position that I take with regards to researching the status of VEM-NESTs but in no way did I want to steer the participant’s responses to be in line with my opinions.  It was something that I observed about myself in this interview and I’m very glad that I was able to notice and catch myself in time so that I could let this participant air their views and speak freely without imposing my opinions onto them.  A curious balance.

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