Getting used to the new supervisory team

I’ve had two meetings with my new supervisory team and I found the whole experience refreshing and challenging at the same time.  The first meeting was a sort of get-to-know you and get-to-know my research sort of meeting.  It wasn’t that my supervisors didn’t already know what my study was about but it was more to get me to articulate to them what I understood my PhD to be about.  Considering that I should have expected this question to come up my responses should have been more polished.

Instead it was, in my mind, an inarticulate mess.  I should have just went “Y’know, my study is about…stuff.”  At least it would have been more to the point rather than the 15 minute waffling on.  *sigh* Even I didn’t understand myself. Thankfully they said to come back next meeting better prepared.

And so I did.  This second meeting was much more focussed and we had a very good discussion on the changing nature of my research questions.  My original research question focused on particular aspects that were based on how I problematised my area of research.  Fast forward 10 months and my focus is still in the same area but as my understanding develops the way I problematise the area of research is changing.  And so I find myself looking at my PhD in a new light.

This is quite exciting!  It shows that my research is progressing in terms of scope and my own view of how I see this PhD as a contribution.  And so I’m feeling much more relaxed about the supervisory changes that have come about.

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