After Summer Brain-freeze: What’s my PhD about again?

Honestly I’ve been back at my desk trying to get myself organised and for the most part, and actually accomplishing a lot – just not on my PhD!  In a very weird way I feel like I’ve forgotten what exactly is the focus of my PhD.

The other week I had 3 way meeting with a potential new supervisor (more on that later) where he was asking me basic questions like “So, what is the focus of your PhD?” and “Can you tell me what your contribution to knowledge will be?”.


Like, DUH!

OMG seriously I had this out of body experience of watching myself freeze, then babble out something to which he followed up with “Why?”.  These simple questions made me realise that I needed, badly, to go back and re-aquaint myself with what exactly it is that I’m doing with this PhD.

In many ways, this PhD is this behemoth of a evolutionary cycle, a life of it’s own that seems to change when I’m not looking at it too closely.  Or rather, I’ve gotten caught up on other minute details that I’ve somehow lost track of what it is I am trying to accomplish.

So today I hauled out the Mind Node app and started re-organising my thoughts and ideas in some kind of visual that mapped out 1) Where I think I am 2) the issues that arise with where I am and 3) the things I need to focus on or question or explore in order to understand where exactly it is I want to be.

Ok so that doesn’t quite make sense, but then describing a mind map isn’t easy or that straightforward.  What I found when doing it was that I began to go “No, that’s not what I mean” and “That’s what I meant but that’s not how I meant to say it” and “I’m not sure that’s where I want to go”.  And no this wasn’t done out loud (or at least I hope not).  🙂

One thought on “After Summer Brain-freeze: What’s my PhD about again?

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