UREC Response (Finally): I see the light…

…and it’s GREEN!

I’ve finally received the go-ahead from the university ethics committee, meaning that I can go recruit research participants and collect data!  I can collect data!

F-I-nally.  A big weight off my shoulders.  Or that big black cloud in the horizon has cleared and I can move onwards.  It’s a relief to know that I’ve finally put all that paperwork behind me – the hoop jumping, the red tape, the form filling – and can get on with my PhD.

The prospect of data collection is very exciting, for me at least.  It’s the next big step in my research journey that I’ve yet to take that is new or novel.  I mean, reading will always be there (to do), as with admin (which piles up in the inbox) or a dozen other tasks to do but data collection is really something that is just for me.  A tangible, pragmatic contribution towards to studies that I get to do and that is what I find exciting.


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