I am now a reference!

I got something published and people can reference my work! OMG.  I recieved the book yesterday – which was a total surprise as I was expecting it in May.  So lo and behold I opened the package and found it staring me in the face.  Flip open to the table of contents and there is my chapter, listed.  And I am solo author!  So what does any newly published academic do?

Call mom!

Ah, it is very exciting and the reality is sinking in very slowly but surely!  I mean, people can cite me (as follows):

Javier, E. (2010). The Foreign-ness of Native Speaking Teachers of Colour.  In D. Nunan and J. Choi (Eds). Language and Culture: Reflective Narratives and the Emergence of Identity. Routledge. pp. 97-102.

It’s almost weird seeing my name in that form as it doesn’t seem like me.  Or rather am I now part of that group, one of those hundreds of faceless authors that university students and academics look up.  It is a rather strange view to see oneself in.

To be honest once the initial excitement settled down (a bit) I found myself getting very nervous about the fact that

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