PhD Reflections Year ONE : On positionality

I’ve been struggling for a while with trying to position myself “closer” to my research, as in placing my experiences – my narrative – in the midst of the rest of the data and becoming part of the process.  In my earlier research (MA) I had deliberately distanced myself from the data, only using my experiences to foreground the study and reflect, in part, at the end of the study and what general implications it would have on VEM-NESTs.  I find myself today facing a new challenge:  how to write in such a way that doesn’t distance myself from my study.  I had spent several hours trying to figure out why I was writing so “academically” when describing my own thoughts on my own experiences!  It’s an odd place to be when you realise that your head is in the clouds a bit too much and you need to ask yourself “what does it mean for me”?  So here I am, poised above the keyboard, writing in a style that should come more naturally to me but doesn’t!

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