Back in the learner's seat – French

Oh la la.

No really. Wow. I was so ashamed at my lack of French I was a little self conscious of speaking in class. Honestly it was silly as using language is the whole point of learning it!

It was, however, a really good reminder of what it’s like to be back in the learner’s seat. Like what it’s like to listen to something in another language and try to understand all of it. Or trying to remember that word that you know you’ve learnt but can’t quite seem to recall. Or trying to understand the instructions the teacher asked you to do. There’s a lot going on in the mind of the learner that I think I take for granted nowadays. And being the listening teacher for one of the classes I’ve realized that I really should give my students more time to digest what they’re listened to and take more time to check their understanding.

I think I find I assume that my students have the necessary knowledge to understand the text or listening exercise but realize that sometimes they don’t and I need to check that before listening instead of afterwards with comprehension questions. There is a place for them yes, but I find perhaps hedging the listening or introducing a more detailed context/situation would probably help them when listening to difficult texts.

All in all a lovely class. I learned a lot about myself as well as some French 🙂

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