Honestly I have not idea why, oh WHY I’m having such a hard time getting my head down and reading.  I find that I read about a quarter or a third of an article, then get distracted by email/cleaning/laundry/phone/internet/to-do lists, go off to do xyz then return and try to pick up where I left off, only to read another bit before getting distracted.  And when I finally do finish what I’ve been reading I have a very vague grasp of what I’ve read.

One thought on “Concentration

  1. I love this site where you’re talking about PHD stuff! Jon has never been a procrastinator…until now (defense in 2 weeks!). The only way Jon gets anything done is for me stay on the internet, I tell you as soon I leave the computer, Jon dashes for the internet! He’s getting faster! I glad you`re back in the UK! 🙂


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