On motivation and end goals

So I’ve right-clicked, saved and finally sent off my PhD proposal and, to my relief, it was accepted.  I wasn’t too worried that it would be rejected but a part of me was feeling “Hmmm…I hope it was enough!  I hope they understood the direction I’d like to take!  I hope…”.  Various thoughts and feelings all mixed up.

Thank goodness I recieved an email from my professor that I’ve been accepted onto the programme.  Yeah!  Just now in the waiting game for all my documents to come in before I can apply for a (nother) UK visa: original university acceptance letter and bank statements.  Whew.  Just hope the UK and Canadian posties are quick.  Fingers crossed.

In the meantime I’ve been continuing reading up on the various areas of my topic, namely CRT and Whiteness Studies.  They’re from a US legal background but it serves to get my head around the major premise of CRT.  How it applies of TESOL is the end goal.  At the moment I’m feeling a little lost with all the concepts and terminoligy.  So to make sense of it, I’m starting a new page on this blog entitled “Readings” in order to track my thoughts on what I read.  I’ve got a rubbish memory so I figure setting things down in a blog would help to clairfy things.  Plus a lot of the books have discussion questions and further readings to consider as a starting point.

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